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Join Craig Brammer, for a 30-minute monthly chat on:

  • What’s New?
  • A Program Spotlight
  • Events not to be Missed

R.E.A.L Solutions

R.E.A.L. Solutions  aims to:

  • Increase member connections
  • Explore topics of shared member interest
  • Provide opportunity for shared learning and problem solving

EXCLUSIVE Programming

Public Policy Briefing

The Public Policy briefing provided the latest updates on expected activity from Congress and the Administration in key areas such as telehealth, price transparency, SDoH, health equity, information sharing and the COVID-19 response. Guest speaker was Kristen McGovern, a partner at Sirona Strategies – a D.C.-based health care consulting firm.

Advancing Health Equity- ELC Roundtable

NRHI’s Emerging Leaders Council shared how their organizations addressing health equity. The presentations were followed by a rich discussion led by Dr. Gail Christopher, NRHI’s Senior Health Equity Advisor and Executive Director of the National Collaborative of Health Equity, on how to advance this work within our organizations and how our network can collectively create greater impact.

Member exclusive: Shared Services


Newsletter and Content Tool

A modern platform built to address the biggest pain points of communication teams, Cerkl is an email marketing and content tool equipped with artificial intelligence to save you time and improve subscriber engagement. 

Population/Patient Case-Mix and
Predictive Modeling System

The Johns Hopkins ACG System models and predicts an individual’s health over time using existing data from medical claims, electronic medical records, and demographics like age and gender.

Member Directory

NRHI member directory offers a list of all our members, direct link to their websites, contact person for each organization, and their current areas of focus.

NRHI Communication Toolkit

Access resources to describe NRHI and the NRHI network in your organization’s communications. Toolkit includes language, logos, social media links and more.

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If you have questions, requests for specific resources, interested in connecting with other members, suggestions for programming, or want to share a resource, please, fill up the form or contact Jolie Ritzo