Leading efforts to improve health, reduce cost, and eliminate waste while fostering collaboration and acting as a neutral convener is challenging work.

NRHI will connect you to the right people, provide you with  opportunities for shared learning, and advocate for change on your behalf.


Networking Opportunities

Learn from other healthcare improvement leaders through education and social events.

Tailored Communications

The latest news, events, opportunities and job openings tailored to your specific interests.

Federal Representation

Member collaboratives' policy priorities are made known to policy makers.

Dissemination Support

Your organization's news and events will reach national audience through our communication channels.


In-person and virtual events on topics of shared interest to members.

Shared Services

We offer shared services and group purchasing discounts that will advance your work and save you money.

membership categories

FULL Members

To qualify as a Full Member of NRHI, an organization must meet the following requirements:·

  1. The organization must be a Regional Health Improvement Collaborative defined as:
    • A non-profit organization;
    • Which is working to improve healthcare quality and value through an active program of quality measurement and public reporting or an active program of quality improvement, or both;
    • In a specific geographic region of the country (typically either a metropolitan region or state);
    • Through a collaborative effort of healthcare providers and other stakeholders

2. The organization must have representation  from four types of stakeholders on its governing board:

    • Healthcare providers (hospitals, physician groups, physicians, home health agencies, nursing homes, clinics, etc.)
    • Healthcare purchasers (employers who purchase health insurance for their employees, state Medicaid agencies that contract with health plans for care, etc.
    • Healthcare payers (private health insurance plans, state Medicaid agencies that directly pay for care, etc.);
    • Health care consumers or consumer organizations.

Affiliate MEmbers

An organization that does not meet the criteria for Full Members, but meets the criteria set forth below, may join NRHI as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate members must:

  1. Be committed to improving health and health care in the US through multi stakeholder collaboration.
  2. Be a national/regional/state partner (national, local or state data vendors, philanthropies, employers, industry or trade association, local or state/federal governments).

“I am certain you are all familiar with the expression ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ And, that is what NRHI is… a far greater catalyst than any one member could be.
Without NRHI our individual voices are weaker, lacking structure and focus. NRHI brings together its members, providing the important platform and organization for them to collaborate, to build consensus on areas of urgent need, and to lift our joint voices into the national stage so that all of our local efforts are multiplied and will make a lasting difference.”

~ Kate Kohn-Parrott, President & CEO
Greater Detroit Area Health Council, Detroit, MI


Affiliate Members Dues-2.25.20

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