HealthDoers Online Community Platform

Between 2014 and 2019, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NRHI hosted the HealthDoers Network, a premier network for health and healthcare changemakers to come together to connect, collaborate, and accelerate their work. Throughout the course of the project, NRHI supported over 1,000 organizations and 5,000 individuals through in-person and virtual events, online learning communities and dissemination of relevant curated content.

At the heart of HealthDoers was an easy-to-use online platform that supported tailored collaboration and shared learning. HealthDoers fostered strong community connections to accelerate health improvement, bringing together groups and individuals with shared goals.

NRHI continues to leverage partnerships and expertise gained through the support of HealthDoers offering customizable newsletters, in-person and virtual convenings, and curated content using innovative technology to package complex information into easy to use formats.

Check out our resource page for examples of how HealthDoers supported the High-Value Care Support and Alignment Network (SAN) and Getting to Affordability Initiatives.

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