State of the Art Technology and a Tradition of Excellence in One Integrated Solution for a Fraction of the Commercial Cost!

Judy Loren, Technical Advisor to the G2A Initiative: “What is Risk Adjustment?”

Michael DiLorenzo, Technical Advisor to the G2A Initiative: “What is the ACG Risk Adjuster and What is the Value of This?”

NRHI Members Participating in The Johns Hopkins ACG Risk Adjuster Shared Service:

Comagine Oregon

Comagine Utah

Delaware Health Innovation Network

Michigan Multipayer Initiative

Minnesota Community Measurement

The Health Collaborative

"We switched from our previous vendor to the Johns Hopkins ACG risk adjuster through NRHI and the cost was a fraction of what we were paying. The savings from switching covered significantly more than our annual NRHI member dues, while also providing a high quality product."

~ Keith Hepp, Former CFO at The Health Collaborative

What is included in the NRHI Shared Service License?

The NRHI fixed rate is a significant savings from
the lowest commercial rate based on a per member basis.

Price and Participation Requirements