State of the Art Technology and a Tradition of Excellence in One Integrated Solution for a Fraction of the Commercial Cost!

Judy Loren, Technical Advisor to the G2A Initiative: “What is Risk Adjustment?”

Michael DiLorenzo, Technical Advisor to the G2A Initiative: “What is the ACG Risk Adjuster and What is the Value of This?”

NRHI Members Participating in The Johns Hopkins ACG Risk Adjuster Shared Service:

Comagine Oregon

Comagine Utah

Minnesota Community Measurement

The Health Collaborative

"We switched from our previous vendor to the Johns Hopkins ACG risk adjuster through NRHI and the cost was a fraction of what we were paying. The savings from switching covered significantly more than our annual NRHI member dues, while also providing a high quality product."

~ Keith Hepp, Former CFO at The Health Collaborative

What is included in the NRHI Shared Service License?

The NRHI fixed rate is a significant savings from
the lowest commercial rate based on a per member basis.

Price and Participation Requirements