Recruitment Toolkit


NRHI convenes local experts to build meaningful connection leading to scalable solutions for today’s critical health and healthcare issues. Like NRHI, our members do this regionally and locally.

As NRHI continues to grow our action-oriented network, we invite you to recruit other great organizations leading health improvement efforts to become members. Our collective national network and all of the regional networks rely on trusted relationships. Please consider how powerful your recommendation to be a part of NRHI will be in influencing others to benefit from and contribute to what makes the network great.

To assist in referring well-aligned organizations to join NRHI, we have created a recruitment toolkit. This will provide you will the promotional materials and language you need as you introduce NRHI to others.


  • Overview and value deck: A PPT deck introducing NRHI as an organization, its guiding principles, and recent events.
  • Benefits one-pager: A PDF document offering detailed overview of NRHI membership benefits.
  • Impact Report: A report showcasing a 10 year review of NRHI growth as an organization, highlighting the most prominent multi-stakeholder projects, and its capabilities.
  • Past funding two-pager: A PDF document providing a more in-depth look at all multi-stakeholder research initiatives that NRHI has lead since its inception.
  • Membership page: A link to learn more about NRHI membership benefits, membership options, and tiered-structure dues.