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The MACRA Playbook: National MACRA MIPS/APM Summit

November 30 – December 2, 2016
Washington, D.C.

NRHI co-sponsored this dynamic hybrid conference and internet event that offers content and tips for every stakeholder in healthcare.

Choices must be made about how to implement the provisions of MACRA, and these choices will have profound impacts on the future of healthcare. Although the provisions of MACRA are directed specifically at physicians, the incentives and accountability required under MACRA will affect every healthcare provider— hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, etc.—and it will affect health plans and employers that contract with physicians.

The MACRA Summit provided deep insights into the choices under MACRA and their implications, and it  featured many examples of innovative approaches to healthcare payment and delivery that can help achieve the goals of MACRA.

Click on the videos from the summit that speak to where we currently stand as a nation with MACRA


The MACRA Playbook: Kentucky

Louisville, September 1

How is MACRA playing out in regions throughout the country? And what emerging practices might be applicable to your community? 

NRHI has launched The MACRA Playbook in partnership with its regional collaboratives. Our first event was the Peer-to-Peer MACRA meeting in DC on July 12, which produced pragmatic insights from four key stakeholder perspectives: employers, providers, patients and payers.

The MACRA Playbook: Kentucky was held in Louisville on September 1. Kentuckiana Health Collaborative is convening employers, providers, plans and consumers discussed  MACRA within a regional lens. Elizabeth Mitchell (NRHI), Sanne Magnan (formerly with ICSI) and Dr. Mai Pham (CMS) spoke at the event. For more information visit


Past Events

MACRA Peer-to-Peer Seminar

Washington, D.C. July 11 – 12, 2016

“MACRA may be more significant than the ACA in terms of it’s impact on our communities.”
~ Elizabeth Mitchell, former NRHI President and CEO

To better inform regional health improvement collaboratives (RHICs) about MACRA and to explore how RHICs can support multi-stakeholders in this new environment of greater accountability for quality and cost, NRHI brought together local healthcare leaders from communities in Ohio, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, Kentucky, California, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Hawaii, Utah, Wisconsin, Oregon, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, and New Mexico for this Peer-to-Peer event.

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Key High-Level MACRA Questions to Ask Your Community or Organization

MACRA Emerging Practices