Pathways to Population Health (P2PH)

From 2017-2019, NRHI participated in the development of Pathways to Population Health (P2PH), an initiative committed to supporting healthcare organizations on the journey to population health.

With leadership from the 100 Million Healthier Lives campaign and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, NRHI and three other national networks, Stakeholder Health, Public Health Institute, and American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust – came together to collect input and feedback from hundreds of stakeholders to launch P2PH.

Pathways to Population Health: An Invitation to Health Care Change Agents was developed to support healthcare professionals in identifying opportunity for their organizations to make practical, meaningful, and sustainable advancements in improving the health and well-being of the patients and communities they serve. P2PH has identified four portfolios of work health care organizations can undertake to accelerate their progress in improving health, well-being and equity.

P2PH tools include a framework outlining four portfolios of population health, an assessment tool, an action plan template, and curated resources to support action plans. These tools have, and continue to, support healthcare organizations (HCOs) to assess, plan, and implement practices to advance the health of populations they serve.

Visit the Institute for Healthcare Improvement website to access these resources and learn more.