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NRHI Member Roundtable:
Risk Adjustment & Public Reporting

Risk adjustment is a critical component of both performance and public reporting. Through NRHI shared services, NRHI members have access to the Johns Hopkins ACG Risk Adjuster to support not only their total cost of care reports but also to ensure a high level of confidence in other cost comparison analyses. We recognize the importance of being able to come together with others managing this important and sometimes difficult work to hear how they are using the tool.

Jonathan Mathieu at Freedman Health and Brantley Scott at the Utah Department of Health were keynote speakers at the Roundtable. They presented on the importance of risk adjustment with public reporting and shared the various ways to use the Johns Hopkins System for ACG risk adjustment. 

NRHI members presented cases studies of their use of the ACG Risk Adjuster. The presentations were followed by a discussion.

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Learn more about John’s Hopkins ACG Risk Adjuster as one of NRHI’s shared services. 

Advancing Health Equity- ELC Roundtable

NRHI’s Emerging Leaders Council shared how their organizations addressing health equity. The presentations were followed by a rich discussion led by Dr. Gail Christopher, NRHI’s Senior Health Equity Advisor and Executive Director of the National Collaborative of Health Equity, on how to advance this work within our organizations and how our network can collectively create greater impact.

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Public Policy Briefing - 04.14.2021


Kristen McGovern Partner, Sirona Strategies

Thank you for joining us for our Public Policy Briefing on Wednesday April 14th. We heard from Kristen McGovern Partner at Sirona Strategies. She briefed attendees on the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Plan slated to pass this summer, the President’s 2022 budget as well as provided an overview of key information blocking rules which went into effect as of April 5th. The presentation was tailored to RHICs, being sure to highlight where opportunities may exist and what to pay attention to in the coming months.

Public Policy Briefing - 03.04.2021


Casey Osgood and Kristen McGovern from Sirona Strategies

The briefing will provide the latest updates on expected activity from the Biden Administration and Congress as we look ahead to the spring. We will focus on COVID-19 response efforts and the Biden COVID-19 plan as well as how the new administration intends to address health disparities, healthcare affordability, access, and care delivery as well as where there may be opportunity for regional health collaboratives to support such efforts. Our guest speakers for this briefing will be Casey Osgood and Kristen McGovern from Sirona Strategies – a D.C.-based health care consulting firm.

Public Policy Briefing - 10.21.2020

The Public Policy briefing provided the latest updates on expected activity from Congress and the Administration in key areas such as telehealth, price transparency, SDoH, health equity, information sharing and the COVID-19 response. Guest speaker was Kristen McGovern, a partner at Sirona Strategies – a D.C.-based health care consulting firm.


ACG Risk Adjuster

Introduction to The Johns Hopkins ACG Risk Adjuster

This video provides an in-depth overview of risk adjustment and more specifically the Johns Hopkins ACG System and highlights how NRHI members have used the tool.

Jonathan Mathieu, Freedman Health, on the value of the ACG Risk Adjuster

This video covers both the utility of risk adjustment and the value it has with producing public reports that are trusted by multiple stakeholders as well as give a brief overview of the Johns Hopkins ACG System.

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The Health Collaborative Case Study - ACG Risk Adjuster