NRHI Program Management Consulting

Did you know?

NRHI offers members short to mid-term program management support during times of increased need or transition. We know your work and we are here to help!

Looking for support getting a new project off the ground? 

Trying to structure a new, complex program or project? 

Need support organizing project team meetings or external events?

Seeking short-term support while filling a full-time position? 

The NRHI team can help

With backgrounds rooted in health and healthcare, we bring 75+ years of collective experience managing complex, multi-site programs, organizing virtual events, and designing web-based tools.

We know your work

The NRHI team has familiarity with your organization and the work you do, allowing us to quickly orient and jump in to help. And like you, we are passionate about health improvement and achieving operational excellence.

Case Study: The Health Collaborative

The Health Collaborative (THC) committed to a large-scale project which required immediate implementation. To expand their resources and capabilities, they called on the NRHI team to provide short-term program implementation and project management support. For that purpose, THC contracted with NRHI for Stacy Donohue’s expertise as a project manager. Stacy is responsible for establishing and managing the project implementation plan and supporting the board governance and oversight activities.

"Stacy quickly dove in gaining an understanding of project goals, timeline, budget, and partner roles. Her ability to organize a fast moving, complex project across multiple partners has been critical to our success." 
“The work with The Health Collaborative has been a valuable growth experience for me. While I have good understanding of what NRHI members are capable of, I did not have as much insight as to HOW it gets done. Also, I have a much greater appreciation of how multi-faceted and challenging their work is and what it takes to realize stakeholder alignment and collaboration.”