Our Members

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement was established in 2004 by seven Regional Health Collaboratives (RHICs)

Today, our members cover over 70% of the United States


Full Members:
Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives

Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs) are independent, non-profit organizations governed by four key stakeholders and actively involved in health and healthcare improvement:

    • Healthcare providers
    • Healthcare payers
    • Healthcare purchasers
    • Healthcare consumers

Affiliate Members:
State, Regional, and National Organizations

An organization that does not meet the criteria as a full members, but meets the criteria set forth below, may join NRHI as an affiliate member. Affiliate members must:

  1. Be committed to improving health and healthcare in the United States through multi-stakeholder collaboration
  2. Be a national/regional/state partner (examples include but are not limited to: vendors, philanthropies, employers, industry or trade association, local or state/federal governments).

“I am certain you are all familiar with the expression ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’ And, that is what NRHI is… a far greater catalyst than any one member could be.
Without NRHI – the nonprofit – our individual voices are weaker, lacking structure and focus. NRHI brings together its members, providing the important platform and organization for them to collaborate, to build consensus on areas of urgent need, and to lift our joint voices into the national stage so that all of our local efforts are multiplied and will make a lasting difference.”

~ Kate Kohn-Parrott, President & CEO
Greater Detroit Area Health Concil, Detroit, MI

Our Members

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