Webinar 13 – NRHI and Qualidigm on Off-Site Testing for COVID-19: Key Considerations for Regional Leaders

During the 13th webinar in our Collaboratives in Action series, Elizabeth Winterbauer, MPH, lead researcher, discussed the key considerations identified through interviews with nearly thirty testing sites across the country. She also talked about the accompanying toolkit designed to support on the ground implementation and process improvement. Dustin Calhoun, MD, Associate Director of Emergency Medical Services at the University of Cincinnati, OH, and clinical advisor to the project talked how they have begun to use these considerations to support testing throughout greater Cincinnati.

Lear more about the Off-Site COVID-19 Testing Centers Project here

Explore the key considerations in the Off-Site Testing Toolkit.

A National Decision Point: Effective Screening and Testing for COVID-19, The Rockefeller Foundation 

Press Release on Off-Site COVID-19 Testing Centers Project – Phase II

Presentation Slides


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