Webinar 2: Using Immunization Data to Identify Gaps in Care and to Inform Strategic Planning

On Tuesday, June 29th, we were joined by Kate Ricker-Kiefert, MS, PMP, CEO of AM Health IT Consulting, Interoperability SME Consultant with the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative and Crystal Eubanks, Senior Director, Care Redesign and the California Quality Collaborative, a program of the Purchaser Business Group on Health.

Kate kicked off the discussion sharing information on vaccine data systems and the flow of data for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration. 

She then shared gaps and challenges to data capture and flow including: 

  • varying approaches to electronic reporting, 
  • lack of race and ethnicity data,
  • variability in access to immunization data by providers, schools, and health plans.

She concluded by shining light on how the states of Oregon and New York are integrating and sharing immunization data.

Crystal highlighted successes and challenges of pediatric vaccinations in California. She drew attention to concerns of routine activity falling short with pediatric vaccinations, and noted that nationally we will likely be challenged with high demand in the fall as children get back to in-person learning.  

She also called out the need for delivery systems to think strategically and highlighted three multi-stakeholder interventions that can support.

  1. Modeling strategic pivots by working with provider groups to re-design improvement efforts and align priorities to include closing deferred care gaps resulting from COVID-19.
  2. Engaging with the state to share statewide data and highlight trends early and often.
  3. Taking focused action using data to design tailored education and identify opportunities by stakeholder type.

Kate and Crystal engaged participants in discussion and shared key considerations and resources to support improvement efforts. 

Access the webinar presentation slides.


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