NRHI Participates in a Joint CIPR Publication on “Rising Health Care Costs: Drivers, Challenges and Solutions”

This Center for Insurance Policy and Research study brings together thought leaders, researchers and practitioners in the health care
field to provide a wide spectrum of viewpoints on the rising cost of care.

The study, by intention, is a compilation of individually authored papers designed to address various drivers of health care costs. The contributing authors also present recent government actions and advance possible solutions for state insurance regulators and other stakeholders to consider.

Following the release of the executive summary and the first paper “Food is Medicine: Why Healthier Eating Should Be a Priority for Health Care Providers, Insurers and Government,” in December 2018, this is the second installment of the study. It includes three papers, “Addressing High Health Care Cost Drivers—A Critical Role for Insurance Regulators,” “Regional
Cost Variation and the Collaborative Path to Affordability,” and “Prescription Drug Cost Drivers.”

Consistent with the primary purpose of this study, these papers examine the underlying factors driving health care costs. The first paper focuses primarily on unit prices and changing market dynamics and presents policy options and insurance regulatory actions available to effect change. The second paper analyzes prices and care delivery patterns across states
and examines the drivers of regional cost variations. The third paper investigates the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in prescription drug price increases and presents potential actions to address the high cost of prescription drugs.

The intent of these collection of three papers is to inform policymakers and further the conversation on effective health care cost solutions.

Download the study.


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