Kansas Foundation for Medical Care and Public Consulting Group Join the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

NRHI Adds to Its Impressive Roster of Member Organizations Improving Healthcare at Local Level

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Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) and Public Consulting Group (PCG) – Evaluation Team have joined the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), a national organization whose members’ primarily focus on improving and transforming healthcare delivery within their own communities and share best practices nationwide through the NRHI network.

NRHI Members are non-profit organizations governed by multi-stakeholder boards that include healthcare consumers, providers, payers and purchasers. Focusing on a variety of healthcare industry priorities including population health management and clinical efficiency improvement just to name a few, its members also work together to coordinate federal programs and initiatives that support and advance local innovation.

The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) expertise is in improving healthcare quality. The organization brings a breadth of knowledge in practice transformation and health information technology (HIT). KFMC joins NRHI to network with thought leaders in the healthcare improvement field and to benefit from network funding opportunities.

KFMC seeks “to develop new relationships with national entities to expand our visibility, partnerships, and access to collaborative funding opportunities. NRHI provides a path to achieving this goal.”

PCG Evaluation Team focuses on performing needs assessments, conducting strategic planning, data analysis and management and evaluations for state agencies, health care entities and community-based organizations in health and human services.

Recognizing the benefit of working in partnership, The Public Consulting Group’s Evaluation Team said, “that collaboration is the foundation for which to achieve more impactful success. Since working on a funding opportunity together in 2019, PCG has been committed to exploring our partnership and finding ways in which we can advance NRHI’s mission and work, while improving programs and outcomes of its members. We will be a strong partner not only for NRHI but also for the greater member community.”

On growing NRHI membership, Craig Brammer, President and CEO of NRHI shared, “Leveraging the power of networks is more vital than ever in this unprecedented moment in time. The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement is drawing on the practical experience and insight of its national membership to help connect and inform local leaders working to improve the health of their communities.”

About Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
KFMC has been designated as the state based QIO by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) since the program’s national inception. And most recently has served as a local quality improvement partner operating under the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) umbrella. KFMC contracts with many private companies to provide HIT consulting services, quality improvement and review services. Their role is to work with healthcare providers and organizations to develop ways to improve the use of HIT and the quality of healthcare provided to Kansas healthcare consumers. KFMC also educates consumers so they can make informed decisions about healthcare. For more information visit Kansas Foundation for Medical Care.

About Public Consulting Group – Evaluation Team
Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG helps primarily public sector health, education, and human services organizations make measurable improvements to their performance and processes. The Evaluation Team is comprised of professionals who have backgrounds in public health and have worked extensively in the public sector. Some of the services PCG’s Evaluation Team provides include identifying and evaluating evidence-based healthcare interventions and delivery models across the care continuum from inpatient to outpatient; developing data dashboards and reports to track organization’s progress toward identified outcomes; and conducting strategic planning and goal setting for system and program improvement. For more information visit Public Consulting Group.

About NRHI
Founded in 2004, NRHI connects nearly 40 Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives and affiliate partners working to transform the healthcare delivery system and improve the health of populations. Our mission is to increase collaboration and shared learning within and across communities; provide thought leadership and technical expertise on community-level improvement; and deliver solutions that help communities succeed. NRHI boasts a national reach with a local impact. For more information visit nrhi.org.


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