Stratis Health Surveys Minnesota Health Plans and State Public Programs about Their SDOH priorities and strategies

Stratis Health recently surveyed all of the MN-based health plans, along with two different parts of the state Medicaid agency about how they prioritize addressing social determinants of health and what strategies they are deploying in the SDOH space.  The survey received a 100% response.

Based on the information gathered and reviewed, Stratis Health summarized several key findings:

  • Addressing social determinants of health is a high priority for Minnesota-based health plans, DHS public programs, and Minnesota’s Medicaid IHPs, and in many instances, SDOH is the top priority.
  • There is a consistency of SDOH focus areas across health plans and alignment between health plans, DHS, and the IHPs, especially in Mental Health, Food Insecurities, and Housing Instability.
  • Many of the key SDOH intervention strategies are similar across health plans, DHS public programs, and IHPs. Strategies include:
    • Hiring or utilizing Community Health Workers to address SDOH.
    • Identifying and/or using internal or external data sources
    • Strengthening partnerships with community-based organizations
    • Supporting providers in implementing and utilizing screening tools to identify SDOH risk areas and needs

“The findings are interesting and valuable, and will guide our work going forward,” commented Jennifer Lundblad, President & CEO of Stratis Health.

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