NRHI Publishes Findings from Phase II of Off-Site Testing Research in Peer-Reviewed “Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation”

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement and its research partner published the report “Qualitative review of promising practices for testing vulnerable populations at off-site COVID-19 testing centers.” in peer-reviewed Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation. These findings yield from a qualitative study where OSCTC leaders and public health departments were interview in Summer 2020.  This report discusses the challenges and offers considerations for healthcare organizations and others when setting up and running OSCTCs with a focus on engaging the most vulnerable.

The six main themes that emerged are:

  1. Expanding services to support health and health-related needs beyond COVID-19
  2. Gaining community trust
  3. Developing and leveraging community partnerships
  4. Promoting testing with clear and creative messaging
  5. Prioritizing patient experience
  6. Managing patient results

These key considerations, along with others, have also been compiled into an Off-Site COVID-19 Testing Toolkit aimed to support OSCTC leaders and public health departments.

Learn more about both phases of this work, and access additional resources here.


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