Learning Lab Bundle

NRHI SAN Offers Virtual Learning Labs to PTNs to…

  • Provide foundational skill building necessary for transition to APM environment
  • Improve PAT milestone performance
  • Engage PTN leadership and team to provide customizable training based on current challenges
  • Built in interactivity using adult learning methods & peer to peer learning
  • Share practice level performance stories
  • Leverage best practice approaches and strategies from RHICs with decades of experience
  • QI Advisors & clinicians encouraged to participate

NRHI SAN Learning Labs Accelerate PTN Milestone Improvement

Current Learning Labs Support TCPI Phases Four and Five

Learning Lab Samples

In this video, Dr. Bruce Block, PRHI, discusses how Practice Coaches can work with practices to implement business practices to achieve Milestone 25: Practice shares financial data in a transparent manner within the practice and has developed the business capabilities to use business practices and tools to analyze and document the value the organization brings to various type of alternate payment models

In this video, Dr. Bruce Block, PRHI, and a practice coach discuss how practice coaches can achieve Milestone 26: Practice considers itself ready for migrating into an alternative based payment arrangement.

In this video, Dr. Bruce Block, PRHI, and a practice coach discuss how practice coaches can achieve Milestone 25: Practice shares financial data

Learning Lab Support Can Be Provided in These Areas

Quality Improvement:

            Setting Aims & Building QI Culture

            Accelerating Improvement Towards Targets

            Building QI Capability in Practice

            Building the Business Case for QI
            Successful QI Strategies

            Building Will for Improvement Work


            QI Methodology

            Motivational Interviewing

            Strategies for Motivating Specialists
            Crafting Performance Stories

Care Management:


            Leveraging MAs as Part of the Care Team

            Care Management: A Team Sport

            Care Management Through Registries

            Effective Huddles & Use of SBAR

            Strategies to Maximize Practice & Clinician Engagement

Reducing Unnecessary Utilization:

How to Have Cost of Care Conversations

Developing Cost of Care Measures in Specialty Practices

Choosing Wisely in the Clinical Workflow

Choosing Wisely and Cost of Care

New topics in this series under development

Phase 4 / Phase 5 Milestones:


Sustainability: Working towards completion of TCPi and successful transition into an APM (Phase 4 / Phase 5 Milestones

NRHI SAN Faculty



In 2017, the NRHI SAN worked with eight PTNs to conduct joint learning labs.  Here are testimonials from two PTNs.

Implementing tools (e.g., ROI calculators) shared during the business case Learning Lab learning lab led to hiring of additional practice staff

  • Coaches shared tools and resources back with providers and practices
  • Many coaches very interested in the MA business case example because this was a scenario practices were contemplating
  • One practice closed the loop on a problem by encouraging the completion and submission of a PDSA, followed up with sharing the calculation worksheets

“They were excited about the additional revenue they could get from just coding properly.”

  • Another practice used ROI calculator tools and QI front office scripts to recognize the business case for hiring another RN to assist with chronic care management/practice workflows

“Some of the workflows that you shared with us have made them realize that it is do-able.”

Tools/skills to build relationships with practices in order to address QI in practice led to strong performance stories for this PTN

  • In-person event provided a great opportunity for discussion among TA’s to share what is going well, receive feedback, and learn improvement strategies

Understanding that my relationship with the practice was more effective than the physical tools I was using, at least  at first, was helpful to gain buy-in with my practices. Once they realized that I was truly there to help, encourage and assist them through the phases, and through their planning and implementation, we began becoming more collaborative and they began asking for additional resources.”

  • PCP practice did not recognize the progress until it was shown through a performance story
  • Template guided a specialty practice on how to make the changes necessary to reduce waste/helped to increase staff production
  • Several PTNs shared the presentation conducted on PDSAs back with practices and now consider it a guidepost to build their training program

“The [learning lab] helped us facilitate a conversation and allow practices to bring pain points to help them “launch”  their initial QI projects.”

The project described was supported by Funding Opportunity Number CMS-1L1-15-002  from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The contents provided are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of HHS or any of its agencies.