Measuring and Reporting Total Cost of Care

Healthcare Affordability: Untangling Cost Drivers

This multi-region analysis of total cost of care and its drivers shows a striking variation between regions. These communities will need to enlist different actors and employ tailored approaches to their different challenges.

From Claims to Clarity: Deriving Actionable Healthcare Cost Benchmarks from Aggregated Commercial Claims Data

Comparing 2014 commercial multi-payer per member per month (PMPM) healthcare spending across regions can provide information to better understand the impact of reducing variation. Read our first National Benchmark report here. 

Technical Resource Guide for Measurement of Total Cost of Care (TCOC) Using Multi-Payer Data Sets

This Technical Resource is intended to provide step-by-step instructions, along with tips drawn from the experiences of the pilot project participants, to give entities wanting to report TCOC using a multi-contributor data source with a clear path while increasing measurement standardization and alignment nationally. We encourage you to review it and share with partners and colleagues in your region.

Medicaid Issue Brief

In 2015, the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC) distributed its first Medicaid Practice Benchmark Report to over 300 pediatric and adult practices, capturing quality metrics and medical costs for almost 60 percent of Maine’s adult Medicaid population. The analysis, which to date has been released only to providers, allows doctors and healthcare systems to compare their risk adjusted expenditures and utilization to peer statewide benchmarks. 

Sample Practice Level Report

View a sample practice level report from Oregon. 

Benchmarking Commercial Total Cost and Resource Use Across Five States

5 Regions of the country discuss benchmarking and reporting total cost of care both locally and nationally. 

What is the Resource Use Index?

5 Regions of the country discuss benchmarking and reporting total cost of care both locally and nationally. 

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