Engaging Stakeholders in Affordability

Purchaser Roadmap: Pathway to Better Value

As direct buyers of healthcare, purchasers play a significant role in these regional collaboratives and their communities by driving change through value-based benefit design and employee education. To support purchasers in their efforts, NRHI hosted a National Employer Leadership Seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 5 & 6, 2016 (NELS). 

Washington Health Alliance: A Case Study in Operating a Voluntary All Payer Claims Database

Learn lessons from the field from Washington Health Alliance on gaining commercial insurance participation in a voluntary all payer claims database. 

The Road To Affordability: How Collaborating At The Community Level Can Reduce Costs, Improve Care, And Spread Best Practices

Reducing costs, improving care, and spreading best practices: the road to healthcare affordability. Read more about how collaborating at the community level can reduce costs, improve care, and spread best practices in Elizabeth Mitchell’s HealthAffairs blog. 

Navigating Cost Transparency Panel Discussion

Even when diligent about engaging stakeholders and obtaining buy-in, when comparative healthcare costs are released publicly, people pay attention. Hear from those who’ve applied rigorous data quality assessments to ensure healthcare cost reporting will stand up to public scrutiny and how they navigated the path forward within and across regions. This is not just a technical exercise and requires the leadership of a trusted, neutral convener to bring all affected stakeholders together, to one table, to move the transparency agenda forward in a community.

"Advancing Affordability- Regions in Action" A G2A Community Classroom

During this G2A Community Classroom two NRHI members discussed how they, along with their stakeholders, are using the National Affordability Summit to advance the conversation in their region. Each region brought a group of community champions to this event on September 27th and they are using their experience as a catalyst for community change. 

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“Together public, and private stakeholders can chart a new course for our country in terms of what we pay for and the quality of care we are getting. We’re stronger and more effective together.” – Elizabeth Mitchell