Bistra Nikiforova, PhD

Content & Dissemination Specialist

Bistra Nikiforova joined NRHI in 2019. As a Content and Dissemination Specialist, Bistra is responsible for developing and disseminating digital content through NRHI’s website. 

She assumed this role in November 2019 and since then she has redesigned the website and currently, creates content that spotlights members work and discusses timely issues.

In her previous position as the Community Manager of the HealthDoers Network (HDN), Bistra worked with community managers of the private communities within the HDN to help them grow their communities, increase participation, and over-all member satisfaction.

Previously, Bistra taught college-level Communication courses for more than 10 years. Outside academia, Bistra has applied her expertise in communications in designing user-friendly websites and mobile applications and developing marketing and branding plans with clear ROI.

Bistra has a MA in Cultural/Visual Anthropology from Sofia University, Bulgaria, and a Ph.D. in Communications from University of Memphis, TN.

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