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What is the HealthDoers Network?

The HealthDoers Network (formerly the Collaborative Health Network) provides trusted peer-to-peer forums and programming to support “HealthDoers” working to improve community health and healthcare. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation selected the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement to launch this initiative to ensure that a broader network of individuals and organizations learn about and apply the multi-stakeholder approach. The online and in-person offerings of the HealthDoers Network are designed to rapidly identify and spread what works, foster meaningful connections, and incorporate participant feedback to set priorities. Join the HealthDoers Network by visiting and follow #healthdoers on twitter.

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The HealthDoers Series highlights local leaders, rising stars and organizations who are actively doing the work to accelerate local health improvement.

Each month, the HealthDoers Series will feature virtual events following a dedicated theme identified as relevant and important to users of the network. Topics range from community health, patient and consumer engagement to health care data, transparency and policy. These events have been made possible by the support of the California Health Care Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Past HealthDoers Series Events

June 2016 HealthDoers Series: Multi-Sector Data Collaboration

  • June 27: Spotlight Topic: Multi-Sector Data Collaboration. Watch the event recording below!

May 2016 HealthDoers Series: MACRA 101

  • May 23: Spotlight Topic: MACRA 101. Watch the event recording below!

April 2016 HealthDoers Series: End of Life and Advance Care Planning

  • April 28: Spotlight Topic: End of Life and Advance Care Planning. Watch the event recording below!

March 2016 HealthDoers Series: Employer Engagement

  • March: Spotlight Topic: Employer Engagement. Watch the event recording below!

February 2016 HealthDoers Series: Collaborative Leadership

  • February: Collaborative Leadership-spotlight on multi-sector engagement (an invitation-only event). Watch the event recording below!

January 2016 HealthDoers Series: Behavioral Health

  • January 28: Why removing barriers in healthcare matters, why it’s tough, and how to win anyway. Watch the event recording below!

December 2015: Hospital Mergers

  • December 17, 2015: Hospital Integration: Learning from Maine’s Mid Coast-Parkview Health…and Bringing it Home. Watch the event recording below!

November 2015: Transparency

  • November 30, 2015: Healthcare Transparency – Why a Wonky Sector Matters, Why It’s Challenging, and How It Can Be Done Anyway.  Watch the event recording below!

October 2015: HIE

  • October 29, 2015: Surveying HIE Today – Parameters, Prospects and Challenges.  Watch the event recording below!

September 2015: Consumer Activation

  • September 24, 2015: Consumer Activation as an Engine for Health Improvement. Watch the event recording below!

August 2015: Collaborative Leadership

  • August 27, 2015: Improving Healthcare Value through Collaborative Leadership- The New Mexico Story. Watch the event recording below!

July 2015: Patient Engagement

  • July 15, 2015: Patient Engagement: Frameworks supporting community engagement, a Humboldt County Case Study. Watch the event recording below!

June 2015: Payment Reform

  • June 29, 2015: Virtual Office Hours with Harold Miller (Private event. Recording available for registered participants only.).
  • June 4, 2015: Payment Reform: Designing Payment Systems that Support Higher-Value Health Care. Watch the event recording below!
  • Coffee Chat with Harold Miller and Dianne Hasselman. Watch the event recording below!

May 2015: Transparency

  • May 28, 2015: Transparency: Why it matters, How it’s done, What’s next.  Watch the event recording below!

April 2015: Total Cost of Care

  • April 30, 2015  NRHI National Summit: Cost Transparency from the Ground Up.   Watch the livestream coverage below!
  • EXTRA APRIL EVENT: April 9, 2015 ONC Beacon Community Alumni Twitter Chat.  View the story on Storify!

February 2015: Behavioral Health & Primary Care

January 2015: Don’t Start from Scratch