Compare Your Care: Public Reporting of Primary Care Cost and Quality

HealthInsight has released Oregon’s first public reporting of relative cost data for primary care practices statewide. The public now has free access to primary care practice cost rankings on the Compare Your Care website, which also reports quality of care rankings.

Cost and quality reporting helps consumers choose high value care that is effective and delivered at a reasonable cost. The reporting provided through Compare Your Care allows consumers to see which primary care practices provide high quality care and the relative (lower than average, average, or higher than average) cost of that care.

The cost of care is a combination of the amount of care utilized and the price of that care. HealthInsight encourages consumers to speak up and ask questions of their providers; being engaged can help improve care outcomes and options. For example, consumers can ask their providers if a service is necessary, if the provider knows how much the service will cost or if there is a lower-cost option.

Understanding the Cost and Quality Scores

Compare Your Care provides indexed cost and quality scores called the Total Cost Index and the Quality Composite Index.

  • The Total Cost Index consists of the prices and use of tests and treatments for consumers covered by Moda Health, PacificSource Health Plans, Providence Health Plans, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and Tuality Health Alliance. The Total Cost Index includes all the services a patient gets across settings (for example, hospitals or specialists’ offices) to show how primary care practices are managing costs associated with their patients.
  • Scores for the Quality Composite Index are calculated by measuring the quality of preventive care and chronic illness services provided by each primary care practice.

“Many Oregonians struggle to find affordable and good quality health care. Compare Your Care seeks to make it easier for consumers, providers and payers to have a view into the cost of care across our communities. High-cost health care does not necessarily yield the best quality. In fact, lower-cost providers often deliver high-quality care,” said Meredith Roberts Tomasi, associate executive director for HealthInsight Oregon.

Support for Regional and Nationwide Cost and Quality Comparisons

Compare Your Care is one element of HealthInsight’s work on providing data and transparency on the cost and quality of health care in Oregon. HealthInsight makes detailed quality and cost data available to primary care practices through a HIPAA-compliant online reporting portal. HealthInsight also partners with the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, a national nonprofit representing regional health improvement collaboratives and state partners working to achieve better health and high-quality affordable care. HealthInsight contributes Oregon and Utah cost-of-care data for national benchmarking, allowing for comparisons of the total cost of care in different regions around the country.

Visit Compare Your Care online and select Adult Cost & Quality (pediatric practices’ scores are also available).

Read the full media release about the reports


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