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MACRA’s impact will fundamentally alter the way services and care are evaluated and reimbursed. And while groups representing providers, plans and payers are actively discussing MACRA’s potential effects on their particular constituents, NRHI is assessing the law from every perspective. With stakeholder-members from the entire spectrum of the healthcare community, we’re looking at MACRA with an eye toward helping all of our stakeholders to prepare for the coming changes – and to leverage their potential to positively impact healthcare for providers, payers, purchasers and consumers alike.

NRHI Knows MACRA represents our commitment to the stakeholders and communities we represent. As MACRA implementation moves forward, we remain committed to providing the most relevant, most comprehensive – and above all else, most objective information available on the Law, the Rules, and on their effects on healthcare stakeholders of every stripe. Because of MACRA’s broad impact, the information is moving at lightning speed – and our efforts to share what’s relevant will strive to keep pace. And while we’ll create some of the editorial, analytical and informational content, we’ll also act as curators to identify other resources whose perspectives may enhance your understanding of the changes MACRA will inevitably bring.