Readiness Assessment

  • If you are considering or already measuring Total Cost of Care (TCoC) in your region, the following assessment will help you determine your organizational readiness to begin implementing the Getting to Affordability approach to TCoC reporting.

    Please submit one assessment on behalf of your organization. You may choose to gather feedback from other subject matter experts to help select the answers that best reflect your organization's position today.


    Each statement below presents an ideal state of readiness in different categories based on the experiences of the TCoC pilot team. Following each statement are three descriptions of what your organization may look like today. We understand that these descriptions may not reflect your state of readiness exactly, but we ask that you select the description that best matches your organization’s current state. The term ‘region’ is used to represent the area which your organization serves – this could be a county, multi-county area, state, or multi-state area.

    This survey assumes that you have some knowledge of the HealthPartners Total Cost of Care and Resource Use measure set. For more information, please visit:

    NOTE: This form does NOT allow you to save it and complete it at a later date. If you wish to review the full form in order to compile your responses before completing it online, please click here.

  • Demographics

  • Organizational Strategy and Regional Readiness

  • Our Board of Directors is knowledgeable about total cost of care reporting and the positive implications reporting may have for our region.
  • Our organization has demonstrated success in building trusted, multi-stakeholder partnerships (purchasers, payers, providers, consumers) to address components of the triple aim.
  • Our organization and its stakeholders have existing infrastructure for identification and resolution of issues impacting our region.
  • Technical Resources and Capabilities

  • Our organization has data use agreements (DUAs) in place that permit reporting healthcare cost and utilization data at private and public levels.
  • Our organization has consistent access to multi-payer claims data (e.g., APCD or voluntary data set).
  • Our organization has access to required claims data elements, particularly allowed amounts, in order to measure and report on total cost of care. (More information on requirements:
  • Our organization has data analysis resources and tools (internally or externally) available to measure and report total cost of care.
  • Our organization has access to a well maintained provider directory and has implemented an attribution methodology that can work with HealthPartners’ Total Cost of Care specifications and has community, including physician, approval.
  • Our organization has utilized a risk adjuster that can work with HealthPartners’ Total Cost of Care specifications, and has achieved consensus among community stakeholders regarding the methodology.
  • Our organization has the capacity and capability to collect and analyze the integrity of essential data to produce Total Cost of Care and Resource Use reporting.
  • Our organization has a successful history implementing HealthPartners’ Total Cost of Care and Resource Use measure set or another total cost measure set.
  • Our region has (or had) experience and success with practice performance reporting for physicians or physician groups.
  • Stakeholder Relationships

  • Physicians in our region are committed to transparent measurement and reporting on the total cost of healthcare and acknowledge the importance of reporting on variation in physician performance.
  • Transparency by Stakeholder Type

    In our region, purchasers, payers and consumers express their need for transparent measurement and reporting on the total cost of healthcare, and participate in moving these activities forward. (When answering, please select the best answer for each stakeholder group below.)

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