National Payment Reform – Live Event and Q&A Follow Up

On Friday, June 17, one-hundred senior health care leaders convened in Washington, D.C. for the National Payment Reform Summit. The group was comprised of healthcare leaders from all over the country, including national employers, regional employer coalitions, leaders of national and regional health plans, practicing physicians, leaders of physician organizations and hospitals, healthcare consumers, federal and state policymakers, leaders of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives, and healthcare policy experts.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) and the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform (CHQPR), the meeting tackled eight key issues related to payment reform.

NRHI President and CEO Elizabeth Mitchell and CHQPR President and CEO Harold Miller began the Summit by providing background and context for the day’s discussion.

Payment Reform Multicam Morning Draft 2_1-HD from NRHI on Vimeo.

During a series of breakout sessions, participants worked in groups to identify recommendations to address the eight areas identified as barriers to successful payment reform. Then the group met as a whole to discuss and vote on the recommendations offered.

2016 NRHI National Payment Reform Summit Afternoon Plenary Session from NRHI on Vimeo.

Here are the 17 Recommendations the Summit participants arrived at. We hope you use them to facilitate dialogue in your region and communities, and that collectively we keep the conversations going. Together we are stronger than we are individually.

Press Release: National Health Care Summit Produces Recommendations Successful Payment Reform

On June 22, NRHI and CHQPR hosted a follow up Payment Reform Q&A session via video conference. The session was an opportunity for participants and interested stakeholders who were not able to attend the Summit in person to share insights, ask questions and understand how the recommendations stemming from the June 17 National Payment Reform Summit will be used moving forward.

Recommendations from the 2016 NRHI Payment Reform Summit from NRHI on Vimeo.