Getting to Affordability: Regional Total Cost of Care Project

In the pursuit of advancing payment reform, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) is leading a multi-regional innovation initiative focused on the production, sharing and use of information about the total cost of care. With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, five pioneering regional health improvement collaboratives (RHICs) are now joined by six additional regions in a unique approach to standardizing how they report cost information. Balancing local customization with alignment to national efforts makes the information consistent, relevant, and actionable.

Project Updates
  • The Total Cost of Care Phase II Project takes on a new look as part of NRHI | Getting to Affordability
    • If you’ve been following the Total Cost of Care project since its beginning in 2013, you know that the name of the project has evolved over time to reflect the HealthPartners measure which is at the center of the work.
    • While the Total Cost of Care measure is still the foundation of cost measurement and reporting, the second phase of the project expands on stakeholder engagement and identifying methods to more rapidly scale a standardized and aligned approach to reporting on cost of care.
    • To better reflect the breadth of the project, Total Cost of Care Phase II will now fall under NRHI | Getting to Affordability.
    • To understand the vision for this work and for an example of how its impact, read our overview one-pager, on NRHI | Getting to Affordability.
    • To learn more about the NRHI | Getting to Affordability approach and the 11 regions now participating, view the Total Cost of Care Phase II Accelerates Healthcare Affordability one-pager.




Recordings and Events
  • National Summit: Cost Transparency from the Ground Up  April 30, 2015 On April 30, 2015 more than 125 stakeholders representing Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs), physicians and healthcare systems, public and private payers and insurers gathered in Washington, DC to learn from the five (RHICs) that have worked together to implement and standardize Total Cost of Care reporting across their regions. To learn more about the event, view the materials and presentations, click here.
  • National Physician Leadership Seminar August 14-15, 2014 This Leadership Seminar, held August 14-15, 2014 at Stanford University, provided a forum where physician leaders from around the country and measurement experts gained a better understanding of cost measurement to improve care.  This Seminar offered a game-changing opportunity to enable physician leadership to lead change in the community.


About Total Cost of Care Pilot - Phase I (November 1, 2013-April 30, 2014)

NRHI and five of its member collaboratives worked together on a seminal study that makes significant inroads in addressing healthcare costs.  The goals of the initiative were to:

  1. Measure and publicly report the total cost of care (TCOC) and resource use in a standardized way across five regions;
  2. Create a process for benchmarking multi-payer commercial healthcare costs;
  3. Identify the best ways to share cost information with key stakeholders in local communities to identify drivers and reduce healthcare costs;
  4. Conduct focused work with physicians to help them use cost information to adopt practices that will reduce costs and improve care, and to encourage them to serve as leaders in their communities

Participation in the Total Cost of Care Pilot (Phase I) includes the following Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs):

More resources and updates available about Phase I are available above.