Tim Hanaan: Using Data to Improve Healthcare Value

As an employer-led collaborative, reporting total cost of care is important to the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC). “This is our chance to do some provider analytics for the providers,” says Tim Hanaan, Senior Analyst for MHMC. MHMC sent out more than 400 reports to different practices throughout Maine.

After following up with these practices MHMC received mostly positive feedback. “Overall it has been beneficial to the providers,” says Hanaan. “It has helped to establish great working relationships to improve healthcare in Maine.”

Hannan would like to see reporting of total cost of care start at the health system level, with hopes that it would work its way down into the organizational, practice and physician levels.

“I think we could reach a lot more providers that way,” explains Hanaan. “We could meet with the independent practices regionally but I would like to see a renewed effort at a total health system level and I think that would create more bang for your buck.”


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