Michelle Probert: Employee Wellness Programs: What Works

At the Maine Health Management Coalition (MHMC) Symposium held in Portland, Maine on October 26, 2016, Michelle Probert discussed the benefits of the Fit for Life wellness program at General Dynamic/Bath Iron Works where she is the Manager of integrated Health Services.

The Fit for Life program offers health screenings for employees as well as spouses, which include health risk assessments and key biometric screenings. Once completed, the employees then have a one-on-one consultation with a health coach to review their numbers, ensure understanding and discuss steps that can be taken to generate a positive change in their lives.

Once a plan has been established, the employee and/or spouse has the option to continue the health coaching. “That’s how we have gotten the vast majority of our approximately 1,500 participants signed up,” says Michelle. “The health coaching is all about the relationship and figuring out what the individuals motivation is for change as well as what kind of change they are ready for.”

The program has proven to be a success with many participants quitting smoking and exercising during their lunch break. The program has even helped diabetic employees get off their medication by simply making lifestyle changes.


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