Marc Keshishian: Moving From Volume to Value Means Patients Receive “Health” Care Instead of “Sick” Care

As Chief Medical Officer for blue Care Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Marc Keshishian has particular views on moving from volume to value in healthcare. Keshishian says that the transition involves patients receiving ‘healthcare’ instead of ‘sick care.”

“One of the problems with the U.S. healthcare today is that it is a sick care system and not a health care system,” says Keshishian. “Moving from volume to value will actually improve the health of patients in Michigan.”

Keshishian feels that of all the barriers involved in payment reform, the biggest hurdle is the amount of different programs involved, which can easily confuse healthcare providers. “Many of these programs are paying doctors on a fee-for-service basis,” he explains. “Many of them are volume based and that remains the incentive for physicians at the time.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield is implementing what are called Quality Collaborative Initiatives, which bring physicians together to discuss and determine the best programs to use in order to move toward value. “These programs are embraced enthusiastically by the provider community,” says Keshishian. “They ensure that they can work together to develop the best results.”


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