Jerry Reeves: Building Interoperability Into the System With MACRA

As the Senior Vice President for HealthInsight of Nevada, New Mexico and Utah – one of four NRHI Qualified Improvement Organization (QIO) members – and a pediatric oncologist, Jerry Reeves brings a unique perspective from the intersection of provider experience and the necessity for accurate cost/quality measurement.

He strongly advocates for what he terms “interoperability” under MACRA. “What we find is that the electronic health record manufacturers don’t connect to the other electronic health records. Our purpose is to build an interface or to match the interface of all these electronic health records so the common fields like waist size or blood pressure or body mass index or various clinical measures, besides the claims data, all connect.”

As this would dramatically reduce duplicative reporting and documenting for providers while significantly improving patient experience and possibly health outcomes, Jerry sees it as a basic responsibility of CMS to require and enforce interoperability under MACRA.


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