DeWayne Oberlander: Using Data to Improve Healthcare Costs

DeWayne Oberlander, CEO of Columbia Medical Practice in Columbia, Maryland, compares the current status of the field of medicine and healthcare to the agricultural industry in such that farmers lack control of climate conditions they are confronted with. He also cites the importance of social relationships, patience and understanding. “You have to get up each day and deal with the circumstances you are confronted with,” he says. “It’s important to look past certain challenges and focus on the mission.”

Oberlander has been a part of initiatives to create infrastructure and connections for the transmission of information. The next step he says, is to generate a manner in which the data is presented and how it relates to specific actions that are and will be taken to improve the cost of healthcare. “It’s all linked to the idea of cost versus quality,” he explains. “If we don’t have those two concepts in mind, we won’t achieve the outcomes that we want in terms of the overall mission.”

By attending the National Physician Leadership Seminar (NPLS) in San Francisco in August, Oberlander has increased his insight into how to translate information to medical leaders and their colleagues and in turn, relay that information to patients.


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