Data Quality: “Ensuring APCD Data is Accurate” Kyle Russell, MDA, APCD Program Manager, Virginia Health Information

As an unbiased source of healthcare data reporting for the state of Virginia, Virginia Health Information (VHI) is committed to providing high quality data. A critical vehicle for collecting and analyzing health data in a standard way is through the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) that VHI administers for the state. “The APCD is such a valuable source of information on the value of healthcare in the state of Virginia,” says Kyle Russell, MDA, APCD Program Manager for VHI. He emphasizes that there really is no other source of data for the state of healthcare in Virginia on factors ranging from spending trends to utilization. “Any dip in the data quality could throw off the accuracy of our reports.”

There are about 20 organizations around Virginia which use VHI’s APCD data and rely on VHI for technical and analytical support. VHI also provides an ever-growing number of its own reports and is working on a common data layout for statewide APCDs to implement.

Given that patients rely on the information that VHI provides to make informed decisions about their healthcare, it is vital that the data is reliable. Russell credits much of VHI’s data quality to lessons and best practices learned through collaborating with different regions across the country. VHI is participating in the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement’s Getting to Affordability Total Cost of Care initiative, which works on standardized reporting of claims and cost data across regions. “It has been valuable to hear how others have dealt with issues around data quality and how they’ve responded as well as how they’ve engaged their stakeholder groups who are ultimately impacted by their reporting,” he says.

To hear Kyle Russell’s full comments, in his own words, click on the image above.


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