Bill Adams: Providing a Voice for the Patient

As an active member of the patient advocacy group, Baby Boomers for Balanced Health Care, Bill Adams is dedicated to establishing balanced care, or, as the group’s motto describes it, “Goldilocks health care: not too much, not too little – but just right!” By bringing the patient’s voice to local, regional and national conversations, the group works to ensure better access, affordability, understanding of one’s own health and care options and seeks to prevent overuse.

Bill raised eyebrows at the MACRA event as well as many stakeholders awareness levels when he quietly stated, “I hear you want all the players at the table and I’m not sure the patients are at the table … I don’t think patients know anything about this. The number one thing should be how is this going to improve patient care.”

Bill contributed significantly to the group’s list of Emerging Practices for Patients, which includes understanding MACRA’s potential to improve care quality and reduce costs, and read, learn and engage with providers and other community healthdoers.


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