Our View: NRHI applauds the Doctor Project

One of the things we are focused on at NRHI is promoting increased transparency of information about the care that physician practices provide in our communities.

To this end, eight of our members participated in an effort funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation called the Doctor Project. These regional health improvement collaboratives  worked with physician stakeholders to develop  objective performance data that can be used by consumers and health providers to gauge and improve care. The project aimed to highlight courageous work being done by local clinicians and community leaders in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan (greater Detroit metro area), Minnesota, Ohio (greater Columbus metro area), Washington and Wisconsin.

The results are being published in today’s issue of Consumer Reports. The Doctor Project is featured as an insert in the eight regional markets. The articles speak positively about efforts to improve transparency and salute physician leadership.

The cover story of the issue, which does not relate to the Doctor Project, focuses on what consumers should know about physicians who have been disciplined by state medical board and practice without obligation to notify their patients about their disciplinary status. While the cover story’s topic is real and important, it was unfortunate that the positive transparency and quality improvement work done by the Doctor Project participants is featured in the same issue. The Doctor Project is all about doctors who volunteer to work with community leaders to do the right thing—share information with patients and each other about the quality of care they provide. 

We applaud the eight regional collaboratives’ efforts to provide patients and health care leaders with the information they need to ensure the care being delivered locally is high-value and patient-centered. 


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