ANNOUNCEMENT: HealthDoers Platform Upgrade


A long awaited upgrade will be released for the Collaborative Health Network’s HealthDoers Platform.  Our web vendor (BraveNewTalent) has communicated that this upgrade will take place  on Sunday, July 19, 2015.

Key dates:

  • Sunday, July 19: Platform upgrade takes place
  • July 20-21: HealthDoers Platform goes offline for testing
  • July 22: Members will get a notification when the HealthDoers Platform is back online, with instructions for navigating the new community spaces.
  • July 23: First online orientation session held from 2p-3p ET
  • Aug 3: User testing and feedback will be provided to vendor to help improve platform effectiveness and future developments

 Upgrade details:

We wanted to thank all of you who have been diligent in letting us know how this platform could better support your needs, both functionally and through design.  Incorporating user feedback is at the heart of all that we do at the Collaborative Health Network.  While we are not BraveNewTalent’s only client, we have been pleased to report that a lot of your recommendations have been heard and are slated to be incorporated in the new release.  It is important to note that new features are scheduled to be released incrementally, to ensure that proper testing and refinements are made along the way.  The important features we want to highlight include:

  • Personalized email notifications for followed topics and people
  • Log-in offered via versus BraveNewTalent
  • Mobile ready
  • Separately organized topics and tags for easier navigation
  • Updated user interface and front-end design
  • Messaging integration with email
  •  Social media integration
  • Tagging of users
  •  Improved analytics

We are on a continuous improvement journey to ensure that the HealthDoers Platform supports your needs.  While we are excited by the platform upgrades, not all of the features that were priority items are immediately available and many are still being evaluated in their product development cycle.  For example, building out more robust connections via mobile is critically important.  An app is not available yet, but we hope will be soon.


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