NRHI’s Total Cost of Care Project Receives Phase III Funding

Press Release

PORTLAND, Maine. – The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), a leader in transforming U.S. health care, is pleased to announce that the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation has approved $3.6M in funding for Phase III of the Total Cost of Care Project (TCoC).

“This funding enables us to lead the crucial work of improving healthcare cost transparency and affordability nationwide,” says Elizabeth Mitchell, President and CEO of NRHI. “Our members have made tremendous progress on this front because of the unique role regional healthcare improvement collaboratives (RHICs) play in healthcare. As non-partisan, multi-stakeholder groups across regions of the country, the information and best practices they have developed reflect local experience and respond to real world needs. This makes them actionable in ways no other group has been able to achieve.”

TCoC Phase III is a two-year effort to improve transparency of healthcare costs by standardizing how healthcare costs are measured and reported, and how that data is used across different regions of the country. As part of this effort, NRHI will continue the work undertaken in Phase I and Phase II by engaging up to seven regions to continue standardized reporting on multi-payer commercial data and, in some regions, Medicare.  The project team will also continue to develop benchmarks across regions, grow the Getting to Affordability learning community, convene a multi-stakeholder national summit on TCoC, design leadership seminars and develop a sustainability plan.

“There are regional differences in cost and this matters to people because the cost of healthcare is high,” says Jim Chase, CEO of Minnesota Community Measurement, one of the participating RHICs in the TCoC project. “It matters because individuals are paying out of their family budgets – that’s money that could go to schools and houses and other family needs. We’ve shown with data you can identify what is driving those costs, then you can address it and get better outcomes.”

To learn more about the NRHI | Getting to Affordability approach and the 11 regions now participating, view the Total Cost of Care Phase II Accelerates Healthcare Affordability one-pager

To learn more about the TCoC Project, visit our website, or contact us at .


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