NRHI Holds National Physician Leadership Seminar

Palo Alto, CA – On August 4-5, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) brought together physician leaders, healthcare measurement experts and national experts from across the country to look at comparative health care cost reports and analyze their usefulness in identifying cost variations and interventions as well as how they can be used to influence and energize teams in clinical transformation.

“The National Academy of Sciences consistently releases reports that show 30-40% waste in healthcare services and spending. As healthcare consumes $3 trillion dollars annually – 18% of our economy – this is the single biggest financial threat to America. We can make progress and data is a critical tool,” said Arnold Milstein, MD, Clinical Excellence Research Center Director at Stanford University. “When you are trying to encourage doctors to provide better, more affordable care, data and solid measurement can show what is working in the best performing practices, why it’s working and what areas lower performing practices should focus their energy on.”

This was the second National Physician Leadership Seminar organized by NRHI and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of the Getting to Affordability Initiative, which seeks to produce actionable, practice-level reporting structures to identify the drivers of regional healthcare costs and develop strategies to reduce spending at the community level.


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