New Guide for Reducing Hospital Readmissions from the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative

PRHI Readmission Reduction Guide Cover(January 21, 2011) The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative has developed the PRHI Readmission Reduction Guide, a detailed manual for how to design and implement processes to reduce hospital readmissions, particularly for patients with chronic diseases. Although the majority of readmission reduction initiatives across the country have focused narrowly on improving the hospital discharge process, the processes developed by PRHI also include ways to improve inpatient care and, perhaps most importantly, ways to enhance primary care for patients so that readmissions can be reduced beyond the typical 30-day measurement limit. Because of its emphasis on enhancing primary care rather than merely improving hospital discharges and transitions, the PRHI approach can be used to reduce the number of initial hospitalizations for patients with chronic diseases as well as readmissions. In addition to the PRHI Readmission Reduction Guide, PRHI developed a video illustrating the work done at one pilot site in Pittsburgh which was able to reduce readmission rates by 44% in the first year of implementing changes designed using the techniques described in the Readmission Reduction Guide.


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