Evolving the Regional Total Cost of Care Project: An Overview of Phase II

The Challenge Continues…
“It is simply past time to address the growing chasm between rising healthcare costs and the quality
outcomes and health we should expect for what we spend,” says Elizabeth Mitchell, President
and CEO of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI). “But we still don’t have the
basic information needed to understand or address healthcare spending. In order to ascertain the
effectiveness of the current healthcare system, we need more transparent information around costs
and their drivers. Once we know that, people, providers and purchasers can begin to make truly
informed decisions that enable better care and lower cost,” says Mitchell.

This urgent challenge is what prompted NRHI to secure funding back in 2013 from the Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for the initial 18-month Regional Total Cost of Care (TCoC) Pilot:
Measurement, Analysis and Action to Control the Cost of Healthcare at the Regional Level, and a renewal
grant (TCoC Phase II) to expand standardized measurement to new regions and further engage
stakeholders in the use of Total Cost of Care information.

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