CHT Measure Dashboard Complementary to Catalyst for Payment Reform Employer – Purchaser Guide to Quality Measure Selection

At The Center for Healthcare Transparency (CHT) we’re pleased with the Catalyst for Payment Reform’s (CPR) list of “best available measures” for purchasers to use evaluate provider quality. We see many similarities to CHT’s own proposed measure set, and hope that with partners like CPR and others, CHT could both complement and produce these and additional measures in the future.

In our work, CHT will ensure that purchasers, providers and payers all have access to a robust set of measures of quality, cost and patient experience performance by 2020. The CHT measure dashboard reflects this forward thinking orientation. Over the next four years, the regional organizations that participate in CHT will be building the capacity to generate these and many more high value measures using clinical, claims and patient generated data in a comparable way across the country.

CPR has set out a thorough list of 30 high value measures that meet the needs of employers and healthcare purchasers today, with a focus on 12 clinical condition areas in the commercial population. Currently, CHT’s dashboard of measure indicators includes 15 high value quality, cost and resource utilization measures, and will accommodate a broad set of measurement capabilities needed across the country in the future. Like CPR, CHT included a Knee PRO. CHT has also prioritized three patient generated data based measures. These are not yet widely produced and include the PROMIS Global Health, CollaboRATE (a measure of shared decision making) and a “next generation” patient experience measure, which has yet to be developed.

Working with thought leaders like CPR, CHT will test, pilot, and scale measure implementation strategies over the next three years. Our sweet spot is our ability to provide the data and the know-how to implement high value measures like those set out by CPR. We will accelerate and build on their and others work by bringing on the ground experience and the priorities of users (purchasers, providers and patients) to the table. No measure set is perfect, and CHT looks forward to working with other innovators in the field to provide information that will lead to better health at a lower cost for our nation.

More on the Center for Healthcare Transparency Dashboard Approach

The Center for Healthcare Transparency has developed a concise dashboard of measures based on cost and resource utilization, clinical, and patient generated outcomes data sources. Rather than trying to design the ideal measure set, CHT will be working with the participants in its network to develop the capability to produce these measures in a consistent way. This will ensure they can also produce a much broader set of measures to meet their local market needs. Click here to view our measure dashboard in one of our recent newsletters.

The CHT Measure Dashboard approach will:

  • Make a small set of high value measures available for national purchasing and decision-making
  • Build regional capabilities to produce all measure types and offer “one stop shopping”
  • Pilot a national platform that would allow for faster and more consistent production of high value measures
  • Enable regions to more quickly and cost-effectively respond to evolving local and national market needs
  • Demonstrate that broad-scale transparency that benefits all stakeholders is possible and practical

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