2015 CMS Quality Conference: Building Partnerships. Delivering Results.

Last week marked the biggest quality conference yet with over 2000 participants, bringing both Medicare and Medicaid programs to the table. 

CMS leaders highlighted themes of generating positive net energy to move work forward in measuring, improving and delivering quality outcomes.  Accomplishments were recognized, including reduction in hospital acquired infections by 53% from 2010-2014, translating to 87,000 fewer HAC related deaths.

During the opening presentations, Dr. Sanjeev Arora shared an inspiring presentation on Project ECHO, a telehealth initiative to provide specialty care to patients by training primary care physicians through telehealth virtual clinicians. This model has spread worldwide. Go here to learn more about Project ECHO:   http://echo.unm.edu/.  

The conference marked the first major event for the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative Program, to which NRHI is providing Support and Alignment Network (SAN) services through its High Value Care learning program to the TCPI Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs). Other participants at the conference included representatives from the HEN, QIN, QIO, ESRD and Medicaid/CHIP networks. 

Don Berwick, MD, MPP, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, closed the conference by sharing his visions for CMS when he served as Administrator from 2010-2011. The values and strategies from his transformative years in office continue to be in play today at CMS and are reflected in the current CMS’ Quality Strategy.

For CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt’s full remarks, click here.

To view the presentations, click here.


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