New , free, innovative training courses on Collective Impact available in

The Region 2 Public Health Training Center recently released a new 2-part training series that can be used by both public health departments and community organizations to better understand Collective Impact and some of the emerging best practices for achieving it.  The interactive course has two modules, each of which take about 35 minutes to go through carefully.   The course follows a group of people with a health coalition, led by the health department, as they explore how to best adopt a collective impact approach–something that they know is often talked about but rarely accomplished in highly effective ways.  The course weaves in a composite set of promising practices and recent research on “When Collective Impact has an Impact.”   The course is free, but requires registering or logging in on

Collective Impact Part 1: Common Agenda and Shared Measures

Collective Impact Part 2: Mutually Reinforcing Activities, Continuous Communication, and Backbone Support

Bill Barberg was the subject matter expert who developed the content for these courses.