Building Cost Transparency from the Ground Up

Tara highlights the Total Cost of Care pilot in her health affairs blog post, pointing out that getting the data to a place where it is reliable is key, but using the data to identify unnecessary spending is ‘where the rubber meets the road.” The five Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives in the pilot not only produce total cost of care reports, but facilitate forums with key stakeholders to enable action. Tara also notes the importance of the total cost of care measure, “This project enables us to look at the whole cost picture, rather than focusing on small, specific areas of utilization. As one person at the summit put it: this project enables you to look at the whole balloon and how to reduce its size, rather than squeezing one part of it and having the shape change, but the size remain the same.” Want to learn more, attend the NRHI National Summit – Cost Transparency from the Ground Up on April 30th in Washington, DC. Click below to register or contact me at for more information .

April 20, 2015 In March 2015 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) sponsored the second annual conference on health care price, cost, and quality transparency. At the conference, Niall Brennan, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data officer, pointed out that just a few years ago, a three-day summit on health care transparency would have been unheard of because there would have been nothing to talk about.