Executive Summary from the 2008 NRHI Payment Reform Summit

The series started with the Executive Summary of the recommendations from the 2008 NRHI Payment Reform Summit. This document makes recommendations for addressing key issues and challenges in order to implement healthcare payment reforms, including:

  • The kinds of standards health insurance plans and other payers should demand of primary care practices in order to provide improved payments;
  • The number of cost/quality tiers into which providers should be grouped;
  • The magnitude of the payment differences for consumers choosing providers in different tiers;
  • The reporting requirements providers should be expected to meet in order to protect patients; and
  • The types of assistance that hospitals and small physician practices should be given to help transition to new payment systems.

Upcoming reports in the NRHI Payment Reform Series include:

  • Creating incentives for consumers to use higher-value providers and services; and
  • The important role that regional healthcare collaboratives must play in implementing payment reform.

Thanks to generous support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NRHI issued a series of reports on issues related to healthcare payment reform written by Harold Miller.


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