The RHICs participating in our Healthcare Regional Cost Measurement & Transparency Project suggest the following considerations to help you prepare for future implementation of common cost and resource measurements, practice level reporting and stakeholder engagement in your community. Additionally, we want to share some of our working technical documentation relative to standardization to keep you abreast of what we are learning along the way.

  • Collaboration and engagement with all stakeholder groups is critical.
    • Begin early with planning phase in order to start building buy-in
    • Form an Advisory Committee to provide a safe environment to learn needs and hear concerns from various stakeholder perspectives
    • Start selling the concept and explain why this is so important
    • Create a sense of ownership among stakeholders to reinforce that we are all in this together
  • Provide education and exposure to the concepts of total cost of care and relative resource use to build a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Start the process well before you feel necessary , this will take longer than you think.
  • Start dialogue with data vendors early, it takes time to plan, negotiate and implement.
  • Conduct a thorough vendor selection process to ensure your vendor is expert in the detailed data analysis necessary.
  • Understand budgetary requirements early so you can plan accordingly.
  • Continue to participate in project updates and take advantage of offers of help from participating partners.

Click  to download Preparing for Healthcare Regional Cost Measurement

Standardization Tools & Materials

One of the key questions of this pilot is to determine how and if standardization across five regions is possible in order to create meaningful and reliable national benchmarks for total cost of care and resource use.  As we attempt standardization and learn from our experience, we will share our technical documentation in hopes you will gain insight into the level of detail and specificity necessary to achieve standardization. We will update these periodically as we expect they will change as we learn better ways to meet our objectives.

Benchmark Data Flow

Technical Specifications

Risk Adjustment

Total Cost of Care & Resource Use

This project will implement the NQF endorsed HealthPartners Total Cost of Care and Resource use Measure sets.  Information about the tool is well documented and available in the public domain.  For more details about the measure set, click here to access the HealthPartners® Total Cost of Care website.