Our HRCMT Project Team brings a wealth of different perspectives and expertise to this project. Over the course of the 18 month project, various team members and other subject-matter experts will be interviewed by Louise Merriman, NRHI Director of Communications. You’ll be able to hear directly from those with experience on a variety of related aspects of our project including:Louise Probst,  Podcasts, Executive Director, Midwest Health Initiative, talks about the value of preparing your Board for this project in this interview.

Michael DeLorenzo, PHD, Podcasts – Director of Health Analytics, Maine Health Management Coalition (Project Technical Advisor)

Judy Loren Podcasts – Senior Researcher, Maine Health Management Coalition (Project Technical Advisor)

Future Podcast Topics

  • National Significance of Project
  • Project Overview
  • Technical Strategy
  • Benchmarking: What is it? What is our approach?
  • Key to Effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Pivotal Role of Physicians in Health Care Costs & Resource Use
  • Engaging Physicians: Insight into Best Practices
  • Standardization: Exploring the Challenges
  • Measurement & Reliability

Check back often as we will add podcasts on a regular basis.