2nd National Physician Leadership Seminar Held in Stanford, CA August 4-5

On August 4-5, the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) brought together physician leaders, healthcare measurement experts and colleagues from across the country to look at comparative health care cost reports and analyze their usefulness in identifying cost variations and interventions as well as how they can be used to influence and energize teams in clinical transformation.

“The National Academy of Sciences consistently releases reports that show 30-40% waste in healthcare services and spending. This is a national economic crisis. We can make progress and data is a critical tool,” said Arnie Milstein, MD, Clinical Excellence Research Center Director at Stanford University.

This was the second National Physician Leadership Seminar organized by NRHI and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of the Total Cost of Care Initiative, which seeks to produce actionable, practice-level reporting structures to identify the drivers of regional healthcare costs and develop strategies to reduce spending at the community level.

Drawing on the research of Dr. Milstein and the measurement and reports of five Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives (RHICs) – Center for Improving Value in Health Care, Maine Health Management Coalition, Midwest Health Initiative, Minnesota Community Measurement, and Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation – the Seminar explored:

  • The technical aspects of data collection, and how to build a credible system of reporting
  • How to effectively use measurement to address healthcare and quality
  • How to tap into providers’ core values so they see data collection and measurement as tools for transformation
  • How to communicate with providers so they engage in improvement and behavior change
  • How to tap into the provider instinct to problem solve

“I come away from this Seminar with a much more clear grasp of the things I want to communicate, how language matters, and how to center this around patients. Affordability is important but patient is most important.” – Nita Walker, MD, Senior Vice President, Ambulatory Services UC Health, OH

Nationally recognized facilitators Michael van Duren, MD, Vice President of Variation Reduction with Sutter Health of California and Jay Want, MD, Chief Medical Officer with the Center for Improving Value in Healthcare of Colorado led the discussions of provider communications and engagement.

“My key takeaway from this conference is ‘Try to walk with, not talk at providers’. Work with the assumption that physicians are motivated by the right thing and try to feed that. Don’t go in with negative message, ‘You’ve added to cost now fix it.'” –  Seminar Participant


For additional information, or any questions, please contact Ellen Gagnon at  or (207) 805-1672