Messaging Platform.  Communicating the what, how and why of this work is important.  Our messaging platform is a way to explain this work clearly and succinctly  so that the value of this pilot can be firmly anchored in people’s minds.


 Cover Letters.  Whether you are writing to your board, your stakeholders or your colleagues, this section will provide you with sample language and messaging that you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Q Corp Cover Letter

MNCM TCOC Cover Letter 2014

Stakeholder Talking Points.  How you communicate to a physician is markedly different from how you talk to your board.  We recognize the fact that “one size does not fit all,” so we have developed audience-specific talking points to assist you in answering questions about this work.  This talking points are geared to four primary stakeholders:

  • Physicians/Healthcare Systems
  • Employers
  • RHICs
  • Consumers


Report Packets.   Many of our pilot participants have developed  reports for their board, physician practices and other  stakeholders.  Here is a sample of reports that they have created.


Physician Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).   Although specific questions may require an individual response, we’ve prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions that physicians ask about the total cost of care reporting and developed recommended responses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  These are general questions that have been used by our team for this project.

Q Corp (September 16, 2014)

White papers.  These are used by our teams to introduce stakeholders to the project.
Total Cost of Care (TCoC) (Q Corp)
Articles.  These are articles written about the project.

Annual Reports.    Oftentimes you may include information about this project in the context of a larger or more comprehensive communication.  Below are some examples of how the Total Cost of Care and Resource  Use information is incorporated into these larger communications.
Maine Healthcare Data Book  _ October 2014 (see pages 92 – 107)
Oregon  – Statewide Report on Health Care Quality 2014 (see page 23)

 Total Cost of Care (TCoC) Documentation.  Easy access to information on the measures, ACGs and much more.

Total Cost of Care Reference Documents (Q Corp)