Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) Develops Telehealth Readiness Assessment Tool

Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) collaborated with RTI International to develop Telehealth Readiness Assessment (TRA) Tool to help small physician practices to determine their readiness for implementing or scaling up a telehealth project. The tool provides guidance and resources to improve readiness in key areas.

As a result of lessons learned from telehealth demonstration projects and discussions with telehealth leaders in Maryland, a need was identified for an assessment tool to help practices understand barriers, facilitators, patient and environmental factors associated with telehealth readiness.

TRA tool content was also reviewed and field tested with key stakeholder groups, including the Maryland Telehealth Alliance and Maryland Medicaid, and 20 small physician practices in Maryland, including those that had and those that had not implemented telehealth. Field testing consisted of cognitive interviews to ensure that the TRA tool content is understandable, engaging, relevant, and appropriate for the intended audience.

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