Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) Releases Five Reports Based on the Delaware Health Care Claims Database

Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) developed five reports based on aggregated data from the Delaware Health Care Claims Database.

Each of the reports represents an area of interest for the State of Delaware, clinicians, researchers, insurers and consumers. (An additional report provides a visual representation of the data available in the HCCD.) The reports are on:

• Top Prescriptions in Delaware
• Top Diagnosis in Delaware by ICD codes
• ED Visits for Opioid Overdose (Poisoning and Intoxication) and Opioid-Related Events
• Emergency Department Utilization
• Trends in EpiPen and Generic Equivalent Prescribing Patterns and Cost

A list of commonly used terms and their definitions, as well as a guide to navigating the reports, can be found here

To access the reports, visit DHIN website.


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